How to get successful with HYIP?

1)First basic thing website, is it professional or just a clone of an existing one? If unique design means they have invested some amount to make it and then look for ssl certificate ,ddos protection2)Instant payouts or manual Both cases nothing wrong, instant will give them more credibiliity.If Payouts are happening with in 24hrs, 7 days a week, then the website is very good.3)Running days of the website Try to join as quick as possible , possibly in the first week to 15 days, Don't ...
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What is HYIP?

Every one Just wonders what is hyip means? HYIP stands High Yield Investment Program.HYIP meansWhen we talk about HYIP, what does it mean, These are probably a short term investment program, where few of them earns a little profit and most of them losses their money, these are called Ponzi Schemes, What is Ponzi Scheme, a bunch of people invests in a firm , Let;s say some 1000 people invested in a period of 1-2 months, First say 1-100 would have got some profits or just for their ...
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