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Genesis-mining.com reviews


Genesis-mining.com is one of the pioneers in the bitcoin mining industry.Not just bitcoin, they deal with almost all cyrpto currencies.This is a real business not a ponzi scheme.Genesis Mining CEO is Marcos Streng is a real person who has featured in many public appearances.

Watch the interview with Marcos Streng

Webinar with founders of Genesis Mining Founders Marco Streng, Marco Krohn, and Jakov Dolic

Before we go in depth about mining coins, what makes mining interesting.

As you know all virtual currencies are highly volatile, it goes up and down in a same day, you might think why do you need to get in to mining, rather you can just go ahead and purchase coins directly or trade cyrptocurrencies which might be more profitable.

But the answer is in all scenarios, risks are very high(except mining) , when prices drops a lot, as a potential buyer you might be losing a lot, where as if you are a miner, when price goes down, you can still mine with a lesser difficulty.

What do you expect from Genesis mining Contract

Genesis Mining works for you in the backend, you are investing or leasing an hardware from Genesis mining say Hashrate, based on your hashrate , you can calculate your profits on a daily base. Please do proper research , before investing in any business, Genesis Mining does not give you any forecast about the earnings, some times it takes 8 months for the break even, some times 1 year, as of todays bitcoin rate , you may see break even with in 3-4 months.

Please do profit calculations from here, input hashrate , make power watts,costs and pool fees as zero.


I will tell you a rough calculation, say for example you have purchased 10.6TH from genesis mining, this would be your earning as per coinwarz minus the maintenance fees of Genesis mining. As per my contract, the mining fees are as follows.

0.0004USD per GH ,so in my case it will be 0.0004 * 10600 = USD 4.24 will be deducted daily.

My earning are as follows


USD20.34 – USD 4.24(maintenance of Genesis mining) , that gives me a net income of USD16.1

Roughly my income is 16.1 *31 = 499.1(per month) , my total investment is $1800. This rate I will be in profit with in 110 days, but again it depends on market and transactions happening in the market.This is just an illustration how it works, don’t take this is the right one, every day it changes .

When you do mining with Genesis mining, you can opt for SHA256 hashrate or Ether Hashrate. Contract for X11 is currently not available.

Please find the plans below

gs1 gs2Ether mining profit calculator you can find here

Kiranreviews.com has purchased 10.6TH.

Please find the screenshots below.


Earning screenshots as follows , we have not received any payouts as of now, since we have made the payments in credit cards, if you make payments with credit cards, it takes around 30 days for them to release the payments to your bitcoin account.It will be done in one shot after 30 days.These are the payment modes you can do with Genesis Mining


SHA256 bitcoin is lifetime mining, you pay once and earn life time after daily maintenance. Ether contracts are 1 year valid, but no maintenance fee.

Website Security 

SSL enabled website, transactions are safer to proceed.

Datacenter videos

Building Enigma / The largest Ethereum Mining Facility from Genesis Mining on Vimeo.

Return on investment

Approximately 15-18% returns(including principal) you get every month with Genesis Mining, say, you have invested $100, you get back $12-18 monthly for life time. Typically saying 6-8% interest per month, if you calculate annually.

Please find the earning screenshot. I have not yet paid in my wallet, since credit card transactions require 30 days delayed payout to avoid charge backs.


Genesis Mining is on Media





Genesis Mining is one of the top legit business online. People who are not much aware of Mining business should read about Mining and understand clearly before getting in. As per kiranreviews.com we highly recommend people to give a try with this business. We are sure, you are not going to lose a dime in this business, if such things should happen only if virtual currencies are removed from the globe.

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4 comments on “Genesis-mining.com reviews”

  1. What a great review!!!! You have done a very nice job!!!!!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much Jim Sir, May god bless you…………..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  3. Unal says:

    It’s a very informative revirew, thanks for that. My question is: some people say that genesis mining constantly reduces the payout in such a way that after a couple of months, it doesn’t make sense anymore. Did you experience such a thing?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment, It is all about bitcoin fluctuation, difficulty level and the contract you signed with genesis mining, SHA 256 agreement for 1GH, 0.0004 dollar will be deducted as a maintenance fee. Before you buy any mining contract , check here. http://www.coinwarz.com/calculators/bitcoin-mining-calculator
      Now halving happened in the last 8hrs, so bitcoin mining rewards gone to half, now bitcoin price need to go up to adjust the earning what they were getting before, many would have shutdown their machine as electricity bill is more than the earning.

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