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How to get successful with HYIP?

1)First basic thing website, is it professional or just a clone of an existing one?
If unique design means they have invested some amount to make it and then look for ssl certificate ,ddos protection

2)Instant payouts or manual
Both cases nothing wrong, instant will give them more credibiliity.If Payouts are happening with in 24hrs, 7 days a week, then the website is very good.

3)Running days of the website
Try to join as quick as possible , possibly in the first week to 15 days, Don’t join any websites after a month or so, it is risky

4)Withdrawals of profit
Try to withdraw your profits on a daily basis, never accumulate

5)Sustainability or longetivity
Plans which are paying 2 to 3% will definitely survive for 4-6 months , if the admins are really good and not much greedy. Still these are predictions , nothing is assured.

Never investment in websites which says payout of 200% in 10 hrs, 400% in 40hrs etc, they are real scammers.Also 200% in 5 days etc

7)Next good thing you can look at is
Referral bonus , by referring your friends or some one you know in facebook, this is one of the major revenue which happens in HYIP

8)how to test the service
invest only $10 to start with, join only for a short term plan like 1 day or 3 day, try to withdraw the full amount, if you get your full amount, that means you can try investing more, but still it is up to you, how much you want to invest, I would not recommend any thing more than $100 max is $500 , Please understand risk is 100%.You may be successful with few, but fail with many, but chances are 80% success rate which will keep you in profit.

9)Try to contact Customer support
If they are replying, then it is very good, with in 24 hrs are often very active admins, else please stay away.

2 comments on “How to get successful with HYIP?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  2. Stephen says:


    I love this article and have bookmarked it. Thanks for the tip which I find very useful for first timer.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks a lot for the lovely comments ……Please reach back to us if you need any help

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