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nano-11.com investments scam reviews


Nano Technologies Investments (NANO-11 LTD) is an investment scientific group that has been working on capital placement in business processes with high financial yield since 2011.Basically Nano investments helps new innovative projects in chip technologies where they can get high returns in a short span of period.

Please watch this video for more information

WHOIS.com Information

Details are not hidden in whois.com, that means owner wants to show his identity towards the public.


Investment Plans

Nano-11.com investments are very aggressive , especially the top plans. Bottom plans seems to be ok 1.5% to 4% returns per day, rest of the plans you can only withdraw once the contract period is over.


Please use profit calculator in nano website and calculate your profits .


Referral Income

They offer a referral commission of 7% and representative commission of 10%. Very good opportunity for people who are in to referral areas.

Website Security

The highest level of security is provided by nano-11.com, Personally I have not seen this much certifications were given by any authorities which includes ddos protection , anti virus, trusted commerce , business verified etc, Please check the screenshot below.



Payout Proofs

Payout is instant with all processors, I just did a check on this and I got it instantly , Please find the screenshot below.



Representative has shared a bigger amount screenshot, looks genuine to me. The daily limit with nano-11 is $30K.


Current Status :Not Paying


Payment Processors


Contact Information

Admin name (CEO) :Mark Dronvil

Group of 30 directors, Mark is one of them.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nanoinv/?fref=ts




Nano-11 looks like turned to scam, I have done the withdrawal on 27th May and the same night, website suddenly disappeared, followed by facebook page, twitter , there are no way to communicate with them, this is one of the cleanest exit of a hyip ,I have seen so far. Nano-11 was doing really great, but program changed to scam, Please don’t invest in this

Please note: Investments in HYIP always has risk involved, Please make sure you have read the policies of mountainclass.com before doing any investments. You may or may not gain any profits from this kind of investment, Please read this 

2 comments on “nano-11.com investments scam reviews”

  1. Rodgers says:

    I would like to know what happened with Nano-11.com because as from yesterday we can’t log in ,in fact the page does not exist.


    1. admin says:

      I think the website disappeared, if there is a technical problem, twitter, facebook page all of them won’t disappear at one point. Even they have removed the nameservers in website, no way of reaching them , that is a clear evidence that website has turned to scam………….

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