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Passive Wealth Booster is a super duper Scam

Passive Wealth Booster

PWB or passive wealth booster is a forced straight line cycler, What the program does is “Each position you buy it will allow you to upgrade to the next level booster. But it is a forceful purchase , you cannot skip a immediate level and buy a top level.

Do we advise any one to join this program?

A big No, it is another scam shit. This kind of programs never work. Already our partner website has invested some money, and they are losing badly you can read their reviews as well

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pwb_onlinescamguardAs you know there are big promotions happens in facebook, FB is one of the biggest platform for this kind of program advertisement, I can tell you, one thing, Please never invest any thing which you cannot afford to lose. These are just like you are throwing your money in the sea which never ever going to come back.

Not sure , how long the website will remain up, I am sure, they have made their money, they are retaining the website for more people to join and invest the positions. I would advise all newbies in online marketing to be watchful for this kind of program. What ever you kept as a reserve in wallet would be over, if you play in this kind of shitty programs. Please choose the programs wisely.

Advise on investment for a different program

At this point we cannot advise you to invest in any other program, reason is there are nothing available. When we have some thing , we will add it to our list, till then please be patient.



You are warned here, Please don’t invest and lose further money.



Passive Wealth booster is a super scam, Please stay away from this. Please do check our website and inform us , so that we will evaluate the website for you, this is a free service. Thanks for reading this review.

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