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Treatment for Type2 diabetes

Treatment for Type2 diabetes

what causes type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that involve problems with the hormone insulin. Majority of type 2 diabetes is overweight, obesity and lack of physical activity are the most common causes of this form of diabetes.
When the pancreas does not produce any insulin.
When the pancreas produces very little insulin.
When the body does not respond appropriately to insulin, a condition called “insulin resistance.

Occurrence of the disease

It is almost completely determined by genetic factors, no involvement or auto-immune antibodies is apparent. The metabolic alterations observed are milder than those described for the insulin dependent form of the disease.

Diabetes Level

Sugar level between 80-120 (fasting blood sugar) is the widely accepted range across the world, even up to 130 it is accepted.

For diabetes patients , 80-130 at fasting blood sugar level and up to 180-190 range is accepted after food.More than this level, we can call out of control.

For diabetes patients need to check HBA1C in every 3 months.

Diabetes and Alcohol

Diabetes and alcohol never go together, a person who has diabetes has to change himself to a social or occasional drinker.

Diabetic Menu/diabetic Food

Lets talk about what to be avoided food

1)Junk street food must be avoided

2)Food with high quantity of Mayonnaise, cheese, butter should be avoided.

3)Overuse of oils must be avoided, basically deep fried items

4)Avoid sugar with tea/coffee , the most important thing is avoid soft drinks and beverages.

What food can be included for a diabetic guy

1)Include omega 3 fatty acids in the form of having fish like Sardine, tuna, Bomaby ducks.

2)Have a lot of leafy vegetables in the form of salads, fruits, if you are a big lover of Mayonnaise, use less fat content Mayonnaise which can be used for diabetic people.

3)Have a food habit of at least 6 times a day with very small quantity of intakes .You can have all foods but should be controlled. Avoid heavy meals and heavy intake of red meats.

Symptoms of type2 diabetes in men and women

1)Hunger and fatigue

2)Peeing more often and being thirstier

3)Dry mouth and itchy skin

4)Blurred vision

Risk factors for diabetes


2)Fat distribution


4)Family history

5)Race and Age

6)Polycystic ovarian syndrome (Women)

7)Gestational diabetes (Women) during pregnancy.


Heart and blood vessel disease,Nerve damage (neuropathy),Kidney damage (nephropathy),Eye damage,Foot damage,Hearing impairment,Skin conditions,Alzheimer’s disease

Treatment for diabetes Type2

When you visit your diabetologist , based on your current level, he/she prescribes the medicines , does that cure your diabetes permanently , I would say a big no to that. It is not going to cure. It just controls your levels, even if you perform daily exercises , it just controls your sugar level, may be in a course of time you can bring down the in take of medicines , but medicines cannot be stopped.

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Diabetes is found to be fully recovered for the patients who are undergoing bariatric surgery because they follow a strict diet before and after the surgery. So the same thing we can apply in our daily following the healthy life style. Please visit the below website for the full information, it is a bit long video, Please be patient.



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