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What is HYIP?

Every one Just wonders what is hyip means? HYIP stands High Yield Investment Program.

HYIP means

When we talk about HYIP, what does it mean, These are probably a short term investment program, where few of them earns a little profit and most of them losses their money, these are called Ponzi Schemes, What is Ponzi Scheme, a bunch of people invests in a firm , Let;s say some 1000 people invested in a period of 1-2 months, First say 1-100 would have got some profits or just for their initial investment back, Rest of the people would have got nothing or 10-20% of the initial investment. Here first investors always has a great chance to get some thing , rest of them just lose their complete hard earned money.


Well if you see any HYIP program that offers 1day 120%, 3 days 150% , 5 days 200% and 30 days 2500% , these are scams , these websites has facebook groups, where you will see positive screenshots, that the payout is done, If you look closely at some 10 programs, you will find the same set of people are only getting paid, these  guys are closer to the scam website or scam owner ,and they do adjustment to show that the payout is done, making others in the group believe the payouts are happening in time, at a peak moment, when the investment are surplus, they probably abscond and shutdown the website. Why do you want to risk your money, just donate this money to some needy ones, not to this scammers. All this websites , payment processors are Perfect Money, bitcoin and Payeer, most of them are ecurrencies, Once you lose it, you lose it for ever, you cannot go for dispute or charge back.


There are no good HYIP websites to recommend, the only two websites which I personally work and got paid are below, there are no other good websites at the moment.


Forex Paradise

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Thanks in advance.


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  1. This a great explanation of what HYIP is. They can be hard to spot sometimes and this will a lot of people understand what to look for.

  2. Anonymous says:

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