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zarfund reviews- still paying or a scam?

Zarfund Reviews done by kiranreviews.com

We have done a good research about Zarfund.com.

Is Zarfund.com legit?

Does this Program pays ?

Is this a new scam in Cryptocurrency world ?

We have the answers for you, kindly read below.



Concept of the Zarfund

This is a peer to peer money lending scheme using bitcoin. This is a forced matrix, you have the potential to earn up to 6 levels. When you join this program, you need to refer 2 or wait for your upline or above to send a referral under you which we call “spill over”. Program has great potential to earn money online.

This is how Zarfund program works.

the only investment you need for this program is $17 or 0.03btc. You are in to the program at level 1, Now your job is to find 2 members under you either referring your friends, family members or Wait for your uplines to fill this slots, as per todays pace, this is happening in less than 3-4 days, No false promises here, this depends on the number of members joins the program.

Please find the calculation for both donation and receive







Founder of Zarfund.com

Founder name: Hannes Jordaan

Country: South Africa

Profession: Online Entrepreneur

Does Zarfund turns to scam quickly

No chance, 100% it does not turn to scam, reason is all transactions are happening between member to member, Zarfund is never taking your money. There are certain stuffs which we cannot predict , for example some legal agencies shutting it down , these are quite unpredictable.


Why investment is only $17 or 0.03btc one time

You are joining this program in level 0, first upgrade to level 1 , you are paying you sponsor 0.03btc.Then you are receiving 0.03 and 0.03 from your downline that makes yours income to 0.06 and later you are upgrading to 0.05 , so you keep your profit as 0.01. Now in level 2, you are getting 0.05 *4 = 0.2 , then you are upgrading to level 3 with 0.1 , so profit is 0.1 , similarly for all levels.

Please find the screenshot , for the actual potential to earn money with Zarfund.


Earning Proofs

This is the earning proof of my upline, he is helping all his downline also to earn money at the same time.


Website Design

Zarfund.com maintained a unique website design, that means the founder has invested  some good amount for creating this website.

How to join Zarfund

You need to have a bitcoin account first, how to get a bitcoin account is illustrated in below videos.  Zarfund to track your transactions , you better have blockchain.info account

What is a bitcoin?

Video explains about the value of bitcoin

Below video illustrates , how to register and signup with Zarfund


We are recommending Zarfund to all our subscribers, as there is a great potential of unlimited earnings.But beware, there are risks with every investment, but here , the max you can lose is $17, Why don’t you give a try. If you feel, $17 is too big to lose, stay away from this program.


If you are really interested to join , Please click the below banner, We or our downlines will get the commissions when you join under this banner.



12 comments on “zarfund reviews- still paying or a scam?”

  1. Great review Kiran. I have joined this company myself. I think this is a very sustainable way for everyone to make money online.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for the wonderful comments, yes it is sustainable……

  2. Ochaski says:

    That’s a very great review.For those that want to join,use my referral link below.

  3. Jason Hernandez says:

    Hello, can we talk for a few moments. I am interested but have just a couple questions. Email would be fine! Thank you

  4. cynthia kutoane says:

    hi.please help me.i am interested in joining zarfund but don’t have a link.i have a group of individuals who asked that I get a link so that they can be my downliners.i heard about zarfund in a train,from a stranger and didn’t have the chance to ask for referrals.so I would like to know how can I get one.please send response to my email.thanks

    1. admin says:

      Hello Cynthia

      Please use this link to join the program.


      If you need any help, let me know.


      1. Alvi says:

        Kiran… I wanna ask. How can i make sure that after i pay 0.03, i’ll get a downline. Because in my country, people is not interest in this kind of way to make money.

        1. admin says:

          Hi Alvi

          No guarantee you can make any money, if you cannot recruit 2 people by yourself, Don’t join this, you will lose 0.03btc easily.

          I hope that makes sense.

          What I found from this program is , only top sponsors makes a lot of money, rest of them are big losers.


  5. zu says:

    Join our Zarfund team with free spillover team members
    Link in my nick

  6. Ekene Mbah says:

    After participating in several online money making scheme, I was forced to believe that Zarfund have proved to be the best.

    For you to be successful in zarfund however, you need a working and vibrant group to join. When you join a good team, you’ll be surprised how fast you will grow to level 6.

    Join our whatsapp group and partake in our daily seminar everyday by 8pm.

    Believe me, with this group, you will quickly get all your downliners without stress.

    Join the group now. https://chat.whatsapp.com/6mMoAFqfRlHEQBloy8CTQ1

    You can also send me whatsapp message on 08038331138 in case you need any assistance.

    After the seminar, you can register here https://www.zarfund.com/ref/0845b87f2c/register

    Meet you at the top!!!!!

  7. You have a great review here.
    However, there is definitely a risk of multiple payment to upline without receiving payment from downline. This is usually caused be docile downlines that cannot get 2 referrals in a month and also by early upgrade without downline upgrading, The solution is to picture the matrix and upgrade once the matrix shows that downline payment is feasible.

  8. Beth says:

    Zarfund is great if you join it early! Have 2 teams and 2 accounts. But if you also want to invest in a similar new platform and get referrals from our team (our sponsor already exhausted all his refs in less than 2 days and have lots of spillovers since the site is new!) The difference from zarfund is that your donations decrease with the level up.
    Our team:

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